Month of intake for MBBS September
NEET Exam Qualified Yes
Annual Tuition Fees (Ballpark Figure) 4500 USD
Duration of course 6 years
Language of instruction English and Georgian language
Grigol Robakidze University ranking Country Rank – 24, World Rank - 10651
Recognition and Accreditations NMC, WHO, WFME, ECFMG, FAIMER, MCC
Grigol Robakidze University, alternatively called Gruni University Georgia, is a prominent institution for MBBS in Georgia. Its establishment goes back to the year 1992. Named after the esteemed Georgian writer Grigol Robakidze, the university is well-regarded among local and foreign students alike.
With a student body running into thousands, it falls within the category of smaller universities. However, this doesn’t deter the university from offering top-notch education. The university feels proud of its faculty pool of well-versed and experienced professors who are committed to nurturing next-gen medical professionals. The University provides the students with the latest resources and technologies to keep up with the latest trends.
The University also does well in fostering a diverse and all-inclusive environment. The University welcomes students from Georgia and abroad alike, bringing the best out of its campus community with so many perspectives and experiences.
With nearly 200 professionals on board, the institution is more than capable of providing comprehensive support to its students. With the help of international partners, the university offers exchange programs, allowing students to gain invaluable global exposure. Grigol Robakidze University, in the spirit of internationality, not only educates but also inspires the students to excel on both national and international platforms.


Perhaps you still need some more reassurance about MBBS at Grigol Robakidze University Tbilisi. Fret not, as we’ve highlighted some compelling points to support your decision to MBBS at Gruni University.
  • At Grigol Robakidze University, MBBS studies are carried out in the English language.
  • Students at the university can improve themselves by engaging in both educational and creative pursuits.
  • In 2005, Grigol Robakidze University became part of the Bologna process, aligning the Grigol Robakidze Universty Tbilisi syllabus with international standards. This ensures worldwide recognition of the degree and convenience in carrying out exchange and joint programs with leading European universities.
  • The university offers an affordable fee structure for students pursuing MBBS education.
  • The university has a modern infrastructure to support its educational endeavors. It flaunts a European-style campus, distinguishing itself from many other universities in Georgia in terms of architecture.


The Grigol Robakidze University fee structure is designed to be affordable for the students, with the total fee ranging in the neighbourhood of 20 lakhs.

Note: The tuition fee mentioned below may be subject to slight modifications. To get a clear understanding of the fee structure, it is best advised to contact a counsellor from Study Abroad Solution. The counsellor will give you a clear insight into the financial commitments so you can make an informed decision.

Year 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year 5th Year 6th Year
Tuition Fee 4500 USD 4500 USD 4500 USD 4500 USD 4500 USD 4500 USD


Tbilisi is the capital as well as the largest city of Georgia. This beautiful city is located on the banks of the Kura River. The population figure is estimated at a modest 1.2 million.

The city has an extensive transport system in the form of railway, bus, trams, metro, airport, etc. Caucasus International University is 23 kilometres far from the city’s international airport. Under moderate traffic conditions, it’ll take you around half an hour to travel between these two landmarks.

With Georgia growing popular among tourists, Tbilisi has now appeared on the schedule of every tourist visiting Georgia. The city’s ancient infrastructure is a testament to Russian, Soviet, and Eastern architecture. Besides, the city houses national museums, galleries, and historical landmarks. The Georgian cuisine and festivities are also compelling factors for tourism growth.


Across most of the MBBS abroad Universities, if not all, there are basic eligibility criteria to be fulfilled by the applicant. This is a prerequisite for applying to the MBBS abroad universities. In the 12th standard, the student must have obtained a minimum of 50% of the marks in the final examination. Also, he or she must pass the final examinations in subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

At the time of application, the applicant must have completed a minimum of 17 years of age. The next criterion is the applicant should have qualified in NEET in the same year as he/she is applying for MBBS abroad. Once the application is processed successfully, the university would then schedule an interview to assess your language abilities and so forth.


The basic criteria fulfilment is quite a positive thing. However, to break it down for you, there are other factors too that need attention. To understand whether you tick all the boxes for a given university, seeking advice from an expert counsellor is the optimal course of action. So without any further ado, click the banner below to check your eligibility!


Here at Grigol Robakidze University Tbilisi, students engage in a diverse range of cultural activities, exchange programs, conferences, and leisure pursuits. The campus buzzes with so many fests, art shows, and drama activities, catering to diverse traditions and perspectives. Exchange programs, of course, encourage students to learn so many things. Conferences and seminars create opportunities to engage with experts and peers from around the world.

For leisure, students can join sports teams, take art classes, or explore the beautiful campus grounds. The dedicated faculty supports students academically and personally so you feel at home. Lastly, Grigol Robakidze University Tbilisi could be your chance to become a well-rounded individual who thrives academically, socially, and personally.


Grigol Robakidze University ensures a comfortable stay by providing dorm facilities right on campus. There are over 100 rooms in the dormitory furnished with essential amenities such as a refrigerator, washing machine, bedding, study table, and bookshelf. Services such as washing machines and refrigerators are located in the public space of the dorm. The dormitory offers good space and is well-guarded. Separate accommodation facilities are there for boys and girls.

Students have the option to share a room and split accommodation charges in as many as 75 rooms. The hostel provides 24/7 internet access and a mess facility as additional services. With round-the-clock security, students can carry out their activities in a safe environment. For those who wish to cook their meals, a common kitchen is available.

Various amenities namely sports complexes, cafes, eateries, grocery shops, gymnasium, etc. are located within walking distance from the hostel. The hostel ensures all basic needs are met, including electricity, water supply, air conditioning, laundry facilities, and a centralized heating system.


As exciting as an MBBS from abroad sounds, it is equally important to keep a sharp eye throughout the process. Starting from sorting out the desirable universities for you to arranging the necessary documents beforehand, the job calls for a specialist. Therefore, this is where Study Abroad Solution serves the purpose!

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