Work with Study Abroad as a Recruiters

Studying abroad is an important decision for students and we are looking for recruitment partners who have a great sense of responsibility. If you have a passion for helping students in realizing their career goals abroad then you are the best fit for this demanding profession.

How Study Abroad Works with Recruitment Partners.

Step 1

Find the right applicant & Verify the Documents

It’s important to know that in which country's university students are interested in, and what course they want to study. Then you have to verify with the documents that he/she is eligible for a particular program or not. After that, you can fill the student's application for multiple programs at different institutions concurrently using a single sign-in.

Step 2

Study Abroad Solution review & Submit the request

Once a student has finalized on a course and place, create a student online profile, submit all of the required certificates, and pay the fee at the Study Abroad Solution dashboard. The Study Abroad Solution Team reviews each application we receive to ensure whether it is complete or not. Once evaluated, we submit applications to our associate institutions and request a letter of acceptance.

Step 3

Get Accepted Through Study Abroad Solution

By using Study Abroad Solution to submit your applications, your students can expect a good chance of acceptance to the institution of their choice. Once the request is submitted, it is evaluated by the institutions. If got selected by the institution, we get the acceptance letter, then we will notify you and forward you the admission details.

Step 4

Apply for student visa process

Once you receive the admission confirmation from Study Abroad Solution, reach out to your student to assist them with their visa application and travel documents. The visa process can be a bit difficult, but we’re here to help! Study Abroad Solution team of authorities will provide you all directions to make sure you have the best opportunity of getting your student visa.

Step 5

Receive your commission

Congratulations, your student is successfully registered. As per the university tuition fee and Study abroad Solution norm, we confirm the student’s enrollment, and your efforts are rewarded with the commission which is directly credited to your account.

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