Tbilisi State Medical University (abbreviated as TSMU) is one of the best institutions to pursue MBBS in Georgia. It is the largest university in Georgia and around Eastern Europe. Established in 1918, the university flaunts a rich history of over 100 years and still counting! Tbilisi State Medical University conducts the MBBS program in English language so it is preferred by students worldwide.

Statistically, there are about 7500 undergraduate and 3000 postgraduate students enrolled in the university. What’s more is that 25% of the students are the international ones, i.e. 1 in every 4 students you’ll come across has come from a different country! The University further secures the 8th rank among the 55 universities meant for higher education in Georgia.
The University is recognized by reputable governing bodies, some noteworthy mentions being WHO, NMC, WFME, ECFMG, FAIMER, etc. To put things into perspective, these recognitions help you practice medicine in various parts of the world including India, Europe, etc.
The MBBS course at TSMU lasts for 6 years. This duration can be dissected into 2 years of theoretical learning followed by a 1 year – long pre-clinical course, and lastly 3 years of clinical courses.


We’ve already covered the key features of Tbilisi State Medical University Georgia above. Nonetheless, here are some go-to pointers with additional information about this university. After browsing through these pointers, you may strengthen your resolve of choosing Tbilisi State Medical University for MBBS in Georgia.
  • TSMU has so far produced more than 40 thousand doctors in its academic journey of a century.
  • The University embraces a sizeable population of international students thus providing a global exposure.
  • The language of instruction for MBBS is English so the international students do not face any hindrance in terms of language.
  • Indian food is available in and around the University which is a big relief!
  • The climatic condition of Tbilisi in general is quite moderate in comparison to that of the neighbouring regions. Therefore, international students, especially from India, will have a smooth experience adapting to the climate.
  • Tbilisi State Medical University ranking is impressive. It stands 8th among the 55 higher education universities in Georgia. Tbilisi State Medical University world ranking reaches the 7562nd spot out of 40000 Universities worldwide.
  • In contrast to the highly expensive fees at Indian private medical colleges, studying MBBS at TSMU justifies itself as a viable decision. The Tbilisi State Medical University fees and cost of living in Georgia altogether would be less than half of the premium expenses at Indian private colleges!


The University offers Bachelor, Master and PhD programs in various disciplines such as medicine, pharmacy, public health, nursing and more. The University, besides, is active in international as well as exchange programs. Concerning the international affiliations, the University makes combined effort with 40 universities and educational centres.


The faculty and the students of TSMU together foster a lively environment at the university. The university’s international character is truly reflected in exchange of ideas, culture and beliefs among students from different countries. The frequent cultural meets and conferences help students meet others who share the same ideas and form communities. This ensures that students spend a pleasant time at the university beyond the classrooms.

As hundreds of Indians are already pursuing MBBS at TSMU, the newcomers find it easy to make themselves at home. The ample number of Indian students and availability of Indian food among other things surely make TSMU an easy choice to study MBBS in Georgia.


Tbilisi is the capital as well as the largest city of Georgia. This beautiful city is located on the banks of Kura River. The population figure is estimated at a modest 1.2 million.

The city has an extensive transport system in the form of railway, bus, trams, metro, airport, etc. Tbilisi State Medical University and the city’s international airport are separated by a distance of 25 kilometres. Under moderate traffic conditions, it’ll take you around 40 minutes to travel between these two landmarks.

With Georgia growing popular among tourists, Tbilisi has now appeared on the schedule of every tourist visiting Georgia. The city’s ancient infrastructure is a testament to the Russian, Soviet and Eastern architecture. Besides, the city houses national museums, galleries and historical landmarks. The Georgian cuisine and festivities are also compelling factors for growth in tourism.


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